Academy Educators Conf 2014

Welcome to the CompTIA Academy Educator Conference

Session Highlights

Security Certifications, CEUs, and Performance-Based Testing: Taking Your Students to the Next Level

This presentation will briefly:

  • Explain the importance of security certifications in today's world
  • Compare CompTIA's two security certifications
  • Discuss the CEU process
  • Explain the reasoning behind performance-based testing
  • Provide examples of these question types

Diversity in Technology Careers Panel Discussion

Why are females and minorities typically underrepresented in STEM technology careers? How do we increase interest from under-represented populations in STEM careers? What are educational institutions doing to attract under-served populations to their STEM courses?

Is Teaching CompTIA Mobility+ in Your Future?

CompTIA has a new certification program that could provide a competitive advantage to your students. During the session we will cover the basics of mobile technologies including wireless networking, the latest Wi-Fi technology; 802.11n and the future 802.11ac (Gigabit Wi-Fi___33). We will discuss teaching tips and tricks, demonstrate hands-on exercises and cover the Achilles' Heel of wireless communication and networking—security.

CompTIA A+ Certification Test Prep "Boot Camp"

What is the most effective way to prepare your students for the CompTIA A+ certification? What do they need to know? What resources are available? Using a combination of textbooks, classroom experiences, flash cards, study guides, and group interactivity and competition, students were given a unique opportunity to prepare for and take the CompTIA A+ exams. This session will describe methods used to create the "Boot Camp for CompTIA A+ Certification," the exam results, lessons learned – and the resulting best practices identified from this experience.

Supporting Students Career Paths in Computer Information Technology (CIT) Programs

Educators recognize that a variety of learning experiences and earned credentials are important to the success of students in CIT programs. What is your school doing to provide those opportunities and experiences? This session will highlight some best practices that motivate students to earn certifications and discuss the important role an on-site test center can play at your facility. Keeping your faculty members' credentials up-to-date by effectively leveraging the complimentary voucher program available to Academy partners will also be discussed.

Publisher Learning Material Expo

Meet representatives from leading academic content publishing companies as they display and discuss their latest publications, products and learning materials. Meet and interact with the authors of some of your favorite textbooks during the expo.